July 4th in Provo

I have heard time and time again about Stadium of Fire at Lavell Edwards Stadium being an awesome place to go on the Fourth of July. This year, we was able to experience first hand how amazing it really is. And to make things even better, my favorite band ever, The Beach Boys, were the headline act as part of their 50th anniversary tour! We had seen the Beach Boys in concert at Saugus Speedway in Southern California in 2003, and were lucky enough to see them again in concert.

Before the Stadium of Fire we went to the Provo Parade. It was quite popular. The streets were packed with thousands and thousands of people from all around.

I loved taking the pictures of the fireworks, as well. Too bad they’re a bit shaky. Next year I’ll try to sneak my tripod into the stadium.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.



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  1. Jessica Serrano says:


    These are amazing pictures! I LOVE the fireworks!!! Well done, my friend, well done.

    • Dave Neeley says:

      Thanks Jessica. In fact, it was three 4th of July’s ago (also at a parade) that Emily taught me the basics of all this photography stuff. Thanks to her as well!

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