I met Julia and Glenn at the Newport Temple a few days before their wedding. Julia had blindfolded Glenn in the car so that he wouldn’t see her in the wedding dress until they were with me and I was ready to capture it all on film. To see Glenn’s reaction to seeing his beautiful [...]


Over the past few months I’ve been privileged to take engagement photos and bridal photos for Heather. Today… I get to take her wedding photos! Here is a little sneak peak for you.    

I just got home from Jodi and Garrett’s wedding, and literally could not wait to post this photo. So, I’m going golfing right now, but here ya go! With all the white in the room, and the white wedding dress, her mom said “She looks like an angel in heaven.” I think I agree.   [...]

Every day as I’m walking to class I walk through a very beautiful part of BYU’s campus. That’s where I took Jodi and Garrett for their bridal and groomal photo shoot. Jodi is wearing a 49 year old dress that was worn by her grandmother and her mother on each of their wedding days. All [...]

As I was taking Jenn and Taylor’s engagement photos at Provo River Falls, this lovely bride-to-be showed up in her beautiful wedding dress. As her photographer was setting up, I asked this young lady if I could take a quick picture of her, to which she said “sure.” So I took one really quick image, [...]