As I was looking for possible locations to take Jenn and Taylor for their engagement photo shoot, I came across some pictures taken at Provo River Falls in the Uinta Mountains. Fortunately, Jenn and Taylor jumped on the opportunity to head up there despite it’s distance from Provo Utah. It was a beautiful drive up [...]

We went to the American Fork Amphitheater and park for Heather & Jaymeson’s engagement photos. Jaymeson’s lovely daughter, however, quickly stole the show. She was excited and anxious to hop into many of the photographs, and each one turned out wonderfully. Heather designed the invitation to be in all black-and-white, and the finished result (which [...]

So apparently I have lived, for the past ten months, about 200 yards away from one of the most popular photo spots in Utah County. With that being said, I took Jodi and Garrett over there to the Provo Castle and Orchard for their engagement pictures. I loved the location. It was very beautiful, provided [...]