Last month I got to spend a Saturday at the most amazing location, The Hummingbird Nest Ranch Mansion in Simi Valley, California, with two awesome people that became great friends of mine within the past few years. Of course I was honored to fly down to film for them and once again work with William [...]

Don’t be surprised that it was a perfect afternoon at the Los Angeles Temple for Krista and Cam’s wedding. These two throughout the entire time just loved looking at each other and smiling at each other. They make a very good looking couple. Before the wedding reception later that night, I was able to go [...]

Ericka and Court asked me to film their ring ceremony at the incredible Hummingbird Nest Ranch Mansion in Simi Valley, California. This is the first time I am posting a full ceremony, but thought I’d do it so that you can see what the full ceremony video looks like. Ericka & Court Ring Ceremony from [...]

Annalisa & Mark Reception Film from on Vimeo.  

Annalisa & Mark Wedding Film from on Vimeo.  

Kate & Taylor Wedding Film from on Vimeo.