Last month I got to spend a Saturday at the most amazing location, The Hummingbird Nest Ranch Mansion in Simi Valley, California, with two awesome people that became great friends of mine within the past few years. Of course I was honored to fly down to film for them and once again work with William Innes from William Innes Photography.

Ericka and Court… what can I say other than “Wow! What a fantastic looking couple!!!” Days like this make being a wedding videographer even more cool than it usually is (which is pretty cool)!


Ericka & Court Wedding Film from on Vimeo.



After taking Engagement photos, bridal photos, and formal photos for Jodi and Garrett, their wedding day has finally arrived. It was a wonderful morning at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, despite the 105 degree heat. We were able to get some nice photos before heading out to their wedding luncheon in Provo Utah.

Before going to the temple, I took some neat pictures of Jodi’s shoes, bouquet, and rings in the lobby of the hotel she was getting ready at.

Here are some of my favorites from the morning and the afternoon.


Mount Timpanogos Temple Wedding Photo

Mount Timpanogos Temple Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo 3 generation Rings

Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple Wedding Picture

Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple Wedding Picture

Wedding Rings on Hands

Bride and Groom Utah wedding photography



I just got home from Jodi and Garrett’s wedding, and literally could not wait to post this photo. So, I’m going golfing right now, but here ya go! With all the white in the room, and the white wedding dress, her mom said “She looks like an angel in heaven.” I think I agree.